Building School-based Parent

Leadership Teams

The Colorado Statewide Parent coalition assists schools in customizing leadership training through a Teacher Quality Enhancement/Parent Involvement Model.


Early Childhood Parent Education

The C.S.P.C.  Provides a 3 Step early childhood program for parents of preschool youngsters to get them ready for kindergarten.


Los Padres

A 30-hour training program designed to better connect fathers with their families, and to engage them in their children’s education and social development.


Los Madres

Based on the same curriculum as Los Padres and was developed upon requests from numerous mothers whose husbands had participated in the Los Padres Program.


Strengthening the capacity of families to be effectively engaged in the education of their children

The C.S.P.C.  Has developed numerous training to give parents additional strategies to support their children’s  learning at home.  

These include:

  • TCAP:  What’s it all About? 

Focuses on how parents can help their child pre-

pare for the TCAP test.

  • The School-Home Links Reading Kit

Provides 100 reading activities, per grade, for

children in kindergarten through third grade, to encourage greater family involvement in their child’s  reading skills and achievement.  The School Home Links activities are aligned with the Colorado Model Content Standards for reading and writing.

  • Home Learning Support Strategies

Designed to provide parents with information on how to:

Develop a positive home learning environment

Develop positive homework habits

Communicate effectively with their child’s teacher

The curriculum emphasizes three main areas:

Communication Skills

Child Growth and Development

Leadership Skills

  • 40 Developmental Assets

A strengths-based approach to working with young people that gives parents and teachers a Common Language and framework to inspire young people to achieve their full potential.

  • Engaging Mexican Immigrant Parents in their Children’s Education

This training is designed to:

* Help teachers who work with English-language learners understand the differences between the education systems in Colorado and in Mexico.

* Help Teachers develop culturally sensitive strategies to effectively engage parents in their classroom for the purpose of improving the academic achievement of English language learners.