Family Engagement Program

Parent Leadership Teams

Parent Leadership Training Session

Why Parent Leadership Teams? Parent Involvement is key in students success. Schools cannot raise student achievement on their own. To do so, they must build a culture of engagement for parents. The Parent Leadership Training (PLT) Program strengthens family engagement with schools through coaching, technical assistance, and program implementation.



Parents become confident in navigating the school system and being leaders in their community.

What is Parent Leadership Team Training?

A Program designed to create a diverse Parent Leadership Team that can assist the school accountability committee develop their school improvement plans. This program works in Elementary Title 1 Schools.
Training Topics:
  • What is Leadership?
  • Getting involved in my child’s School.
  • How is our school doing and how can we help?

  • Parent Leadership Team Training.

To begin building a PLT in your school, contact Richard Garcia-Executive Director;,  720-890-0123