Los Padres/Las Madres


The LOS PADRES/LAS MADRES Training Program, which is conducted in English and Spanish, is designed to connect fathers and mothers, in a more meaningful way than previously, with their families, and to engage them in the process of their children’s education and social development. LOS PADRES/LAS MADRES curriculum was created to train fathers and mothers to be more actively involved with their children and with their children’s education.


The LOS PADRES/LAS MADRES Curriculum, grounded in the research on parent involvement and child development, emphasizes a set of principles, or beliefs, that define effective programs for fathers and mothers. The following beliefs form the foundation upon which the curriculum was constructed:

  • Fathers and mothers are essential assets for children’s development.
  • Mothers and fathers are supported to be knowledgeable of their own strengths and assets.
  • There are Three R’s of Parenthood: Rights, Responsibility, and Respect.
  • Fathers’ and mothers’ self-reflection of their interactions with their children is the cornerstone of their learning.
  • Mothers and fathers develop their own power be more supportive of themselves, their family, and their community.
  • Program effectiveness is progressively enhanced as we learn from the fathers and mothers themselves.

Intention of the LOS PADRES/LAS MADRES Program

The ultimate purpose of the LOS PADRES/LAS MADRES Program is to enhance and improve the educational and social status of children. The Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition is committed to this end by supporting children’s fathers and    mothers to become more knowledgeable in child development, communication, and leadership.  Therefore, the intention of the LOS PADRES/LAS MADRES Program is to establish a training program for fathers and mothers that will expand their ability to:
  • Be more involved in their children’s education;
  • Communicate more effectively with their children (and spouses); and
  • Provide leadership advocacy for the educational and social welfare of the family.

The LOS PADRES/LAS MADRES Program is not intended to be a psychologically therapeutic program.