3 Step

3 Step Early Childhood Parent Education


CIMG3256In 1970, The Administration for Children Youth and Families Head Start Bureau implemented a parent education program called Exploring Parenting and revised it from its original 20 sessions to 10 sessions; the newer version is called Exploring Parenting in the 21st Century. The Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition has trained parent facilitators in the latter version and adapted the curriculum into the 3 Step Program, an Early Childhood Parent Education Program.

Currently, CSPC is using five of the most relevant sessions to the populations that we are working with; additionally, CSPC received a grant from the Colorado Health Foundation to enhance the curriculum and introduce a nutrition session. The program is designed to work with the parents or the child’s significant caregiver and provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to enhance their role of being the primary teacher in order to be more effective with their children at home.

The curriculum is meant to assist parents and the preschool teachers to maintain the gains that the child made during the school year.CIMG3252 Most children are not in any type of organized learning environments once school is out for the summer and many of the gains a child makes throughout the year are not practiced. With this program parents learn how to utilize their home environments and every day activities to enhance their child’s learning. In the small samples of the children whose parents participated in the program and who have implemented the learning strategies at home, these children have maintained and/or have surpassed some of the Kindergarten Bench Marks.

The program has metrics that measure the utility of the sessions and how parents use the experiences and knowledge of the session in their homes. Additionally, the third step of the curriculum provides the Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition to assess if the parents are utilizing the curriculum as it was intended and to coach/mentor the parent if they need further assistance.

To obtain more information about the 3 Step Early Childhood Parent Education Program, please contact us at: 720-890-0123.