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The Youth Leadership Institute

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Our mission is to promote equitable educational opportunities for all children and their families.

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Parent involvement is the key that opens the door for children’s success in school. The Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition (CSPC) strongly believes this, and for over 30 years has worked to assure that parents are provided with the tools that they need to help their children be successful in school.


READY FAMILIES… for student success

Save the date 2014 Conference 2October 24th -25th 2014

Hotel Elegante Conference & Event Center
2886 S Circle Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80906

32 Annual Family Engagement conference

Thank you for registering to attend the 32 Annual Family Engagement conference. This conference promises to give you information that you will find useful in navigating the ever and fast changing educational system. There are laws that affect your children and you as a parent or significant caregiver.

We encourage emerging parent leaders to attend, as well as parent who would like to seek the newest information that will affect students in the in our P-20 educational system.

The speakers are selected carefully to provide you with the latest information that will help you make an informed decision for your child’s education. For more information click here. To register Click here.

3 STEP Program


3 Step Early Childhood Parent Education

With this program parents learn how to utilize their home environments and every day activities to enhance their child’s learning. In the small samples of the children whose parents participated in the program and who have implemented the learning strategies at home, these children have maintained and/or have surpassed some of the Kindergarten Bench Marks.

PASO Program

PASO Program


The purpose of the Providers Advancing School Outcomes (PASO) training program is to create an equitable, replicable, community based model program for providing professional development in early childhood education to Latino, Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN) providers to: promote school readiness to Latino children, birth to 5 years old, and to prevent the achievement gap between Latino and non-Latino children before they enter Kindergarten.

Family Engagement


Family Engagement Program

Schools cannot raise student achievement on their own. To do so, they must build a culture of engagement for parents. This Program strengthens schools’ family engagement approaches and practices through coaching, technical assistance, and program implementation.